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Today, eat an avocado.

grilled avocado health and diet recipe

For people who are riding the myth that avocados are fattening, it will be an eye opener to know that research has indicated that these fruits actually help in weight loss. Here are few reasons why avocados aid in losing weight.

  • Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats which are very healthy and promote the reduction in the cholesterol levels and LDL (the bad cholesterol).
  • Natural fats do not induce weight gain the way “unnatural” fats do. Avocados are rich in necessary natural fats.
  • It’s impossible to over-eat Avocados because of their “satiating” tendency. Very few people can eat more than two helpings of avocado because of its richness. It’s so much easier to eat a lot white bread and gain weight than to gain weight on Avocados.
  • It’s has been studied that Avocados contain enough calories in fat to help nourish the body but not induce any excess weight gain.
  • Monounsaturated fats present in Avocados aid in better absorption of other vegetarian foods and thus help in good metabolism.
  • You are unlikely to binge on “processed” foods when you eat a salad of avocado prior a meal.
  • The fats present in Avocado are “nutrient” rich, packed with essential minerals and vitamins which help in better absorption and regulation in the body. On the contrary “processed” fats contain only “fat” without the nutrients.

Instead of using processed butters, mayos and spreads on your sandwiches, it’s a much healthier option to lace the breads with chunks of mashed avocado. You will not notice a big difference in taste; in fact it’s tastier than most “processed” spreads.

If you have a low HDL count in your blood, you will be advised to eat more avocados (at least one serving per day) to regulate the HDL density. HDL is the “good” cholesterol that the body needs for a healthy circulatory system.

A “low-fat” diet should be complemented with healthy intake of avocados in salads and sandwiches to ensure regulation of the “good” cholesterol. Many people who stick to a “low-fat” diet have been known to suffer from several bodily disorders as opposed to the people who take fats in the form of raw butters, nuts, coconut and palm oils and avocados. A “low-fat” diet can reduce the efficiency of the liver as well as decrease the “good” cholesterol count in your blood.

In conclusion, it’s important dispel myths regarding dietary “fat”. It’s highly essential to include a good portion of “fat” rich foods like avocados, coconut oil and raw butter in your daily diet to have a balanced supply of nutrition. Stop worrying about something as natural and “nature” prepared as Avocados. Simply put, Avocados are not fattening even if they are rich in “fat”, just be clear on this account and enjoy this delicious fruit.

Today, eat an avocado..

via Today, eat an avocado..


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