Burberry Lets You Shop While You Watch Its Campaigns


Short films and videos to supplement a brand’s advertising campaigns and to enhance the house’s image are nothing new. Everyone from big name labels like Cartier and Dior to smaller designers like Phillip Lim have produced videos that ran the gamut, from lush, multi-million dollar productions to those with an indie vibe. There have been so many of these videos that they’ve become an industry standard in the age of YouTube and online streaming.

The British label Burberry under the direction of Christopher Bailey is one-upping everybody else with its fall/winter 2012 campaign. Sure, there are the stunning photographs of Gabriella Wilde and Roo Panes by Mario Testino, London landmarks, fog, rain and all. And yes, there are the videos too—a series of small films that call to mind the brooding cinematography of The English Patient. But what sets these videos apart from the rest of the pack is that they are, to use the digital age’s favorite marketing term, shoppable. What this means is that viewers of the campaigns can buy the clothes and accessories worn by the actors while watching the short films through Burberry’s website. Watch the video, click on the item you like, pick a size, add to cart, give your payment information and voila, you’ve shopped the video. This innovation is part of Burberry’s runway to reality initiative. It is a step up from the shoppable magazines that have become all the rage of late.

Burberry has been a leader when it comes to innovations on how to better reach their consumers. It was one of the first brands to embrace social networking through their website and Facebook. It aggressively looked for opportunities to advertise on digital platforms way ahead of other brands. One of the first to live stream its runway show online and to make the clothes immediately available for purchase as soon as they hit the runway. With the fall/winter 2012 campaign, Burberry re-establishes itself as a fashion and technology leader.

You can view the campaigns below.


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