5 Crazy Looks From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

You guys, I can’t get over the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I’m beyond bummed that I wasn’t there last night so you’d better believe that I’ve been trolling the internet for the wildest looks. Because I know y’all have better things to do than look at image after image of flawless ladies in insane gear, I’ve rounded up the 5 most OMG looks.


Whee! How fun is this outfit? I wouldn’t mind walking around with an entourage of balloons, just, you know…not in my skivvies.


Helloo, Constane! I’m digging these wings, probably because they remind me of something out of a Dr. Seuss book.


If you looked like this, being called a Pansy would be a compliment.


I can think of a bunch of guys who wouldn’t mind falling in to this ring of fire. Har, har, har…

And finally…


BANG! Alessandra as a rainforest orchid princess. Not sure anything can ever top this, ever.

What’s your favorite over-the-top look from the show?

by Laurel Pantin-glamour

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