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Skinny Tea Mix

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I try to make drinking tea and everyday habit and because of my mom I have developed an obsession with mixing and matching teas and herbs. I drink 3-4 glasses of tea a day with caffeinated ones in the morning and herbal in the evening.I never drink caffeinated tea after 3 pm or I am guaranteed to be up all night (I am also really sensitive to caffeine though)

This tea mix my mom brought back from Beijing, China. It’s a skinny tea mix and each element has different properties but together I LOVE the flavors and the energy it gives me. I have been drinking it every day this week and feel GREAT!

Skinny Tea Mix

Ingredients with some of their properties

Rose Hips: 5 buds

– vitamin C
– detoxifies
– prevents colds, flus
– stomach tonic for irritation, ulcers, and intestinal diseases
– weight loss – flushes system
– increases blood flow
– prevents bladder infections
– eases headaches and dizziness

Oregano: 2 tablespoons

– menstrual pains
– weight loss
– sore throats

Green Tea Leaves: 2 teaspoons

– full of antioxidants
– increases calorie burn/ weightloss
– boosts metabolism
– appetite suppressant

At night I will eliminate the green tea and just steep the rose hips and oregano with some agave nectar. You can buy tea bags but I prefer to steep in a tea steeper!

DAYTIME – Steep all herbs for 6 minutes with water at 85 degrees (or green tea will get bitter)

NIGHTTIME – For herbal tea only steep rose hips and oregano for 10 minutes with boiling water.


by –Natasha-vancityfoodie


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