Gabriel Aubry Denied Access to Daughter


A judge has ruled that Gabriel Aubry will be allowed to resume visitation with Nalha, with unspecified precautions in place to protect her safety. Story developing…

Gabriel Aubry took another beating today, though, this time around, the Canadian model didn’t end up with any black eyes.

A family court judge shot down Aubry’s request to lift the restraining order put in place against him on Thanksgiving, which Halle Berry requested after Gabriel got into a brawl with Olivier Martinez.

As a result, he must remain at least 100 yards away from daughter Nahla.

Still, the protective order expires on Thursday. Berry and Martinez are expected in court again that day to ask for an extension.

According to initial reports, Aubry dropped Nahla off Thursday morning and instigated a fight with Martinez, her fiance. Both men ended up in the hospital, with Gabriel later in handcuffs.

But Aubry has since filed for a restraining order himself against the French actor, maintaining that Martinez pummeled him without provocation and even threatened his life.

It’s all a confusing mess at the moment, with a four-year old stuck in the middle.

We’ll continually update this story as more information breaks.


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