Doctorate Housewife

As promised, here are my top read books of 2012. Resolution to read at least 1 book a month – complete! Most months it was no big deal. Some months, I really struggled to finish something that was boring the life out of me. In the course of this project though, I learned another important lesson: how to abandon a book. I’ve never liked doing that. Good or bad I preferred to finish what I started. But sometimes something really is just a waste of time and my sense of commitment (normally a good thing) is misdirected into something useless. So this resolution resulted in at least 2 good things: 1 – I read some really great books and learned a lot of neat stuff (yes, I said neat – I’m a nerd from the 80s apparently), and 2 – I learnt how to abandon something not worthwhile (or at…

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